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Foundation Stage

Welcome to EYFS 2021-22

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       Mrs Baird                                        Miss Galpin                                      Mrs Thorogood

Gold Class Teacher                          Silver Class Teacher                         Pink Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs Baker and Miss Shepherd- Gold Class

Mrs Beardmore and Mrs Lamburton- SIlver Class

Mr Hurst and Mrs Davis- Pink Class

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Spring 1- Are we nearly there yet?

Here is our Spotlight on the Curriculum for Spring 1. This is what your child will be learning in school.

Week 1- Travel by air- Rockets

This week something strange appeared in our playground. We had no idea where it came from or what it was. We used our detective skills and background knowledge to look for clues and make links to form an idea. We came up with some very creative and imaginative ideas!

In the end, we pieced together that this was a rocket ship that had come from space. The ship was surrounded by what we think was moon dust and ash. This led us into a week of learning about rockets and space travel.



We used Google Earth to zoom out into space and discover what we could see. We studied planet Earth very carefully and discovered why it looks blue and green. We linked this to a world map and globe and had a go at colouring our own map of the world. 


We used the indoor and outdoor equipment to make rockets in many different forms and had great fun launching them and ourselves into space! We loved sharing books about rockets and space and using these to help us find out facts. We used our fine motor skills to make split pin astronauts.


Towards the end of the week, we used Google Earth to zoom back from space to Earth to explore the area where we live- Woodville. We spotted our school and its different parts on the map and we were extremely fascinated using the map to explore Woodville High Street and some of the key buildings on the road. 


In the workshop area, children got busy junk modelling, including making different types of transport. We used a plan, do, review approach to help us make our models. We were very proud of the end results and learned a lot through sharing problems we encountered and how we solved them. 


In Maths, we worked on composition of 5, playing games with beanbags to see how many beanbags we could get into a hoop and how many were outside the hoop. We compared amounts to 5 to see who had more and less. 


In English, we shared what Santa had brought us for Christmas, labelling pictures of our gifts. We were certainly very lucky this year!

Autumn 2- Traditions and Me

Here is our Spotlight on the Curriculum for Autumn 2. This is what your child will be learning in school.

It's Christmas! 

We've finally made it to the end of term! What an action packed three days we have had!

On Monday, we had our Christmas party, we loved dancing to music, playing party games and eating party food. We played traditional party games like musical statues and musical bumps and Christmas games like pin the nose on Rudolph, Christmas limbo and sleeping reindeers. It was hard when we were out in the games but we tried hard to congratulate the winner and continue to participate in the games. We managed our emotions and feelings and the teachers were very proud of us.


On Tuesday, we got busy making Christmas cards and calendars for our families. We hope you like your gifts!


Tonight children are coming home with a bag filled with goodies from the EYFS team! This includes their cards and calendars but also reindeer food made by the children to help Santa's reindeer find their way to your homes, a special book and ingredients for making hot chocolate.

So, on Christmas Eve, sprinkle the reindeer food in the garden or in front of your house, make a cup of hot chocolate using your ingredients and snuggle up to share the story book. What a special Christmas Eve that will be! 


We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. We look forward to more adventures in 2022!


Christmas Continued

The celebration of Christmas is still in full swing in EYFS this week. On Monday, we were surprised to find that the Polar Express and Santa's Sleigh had arrived in our outdoor area. We had an amazing time travelling to the North Pole to see Santa with our friends. We enjoyed flying through the air on Santa's sleigh, with the help of his reindeers of course, and delivering presents to boys and girls. Our imaginations have been really stretched this week and there has been lots of negotiating storylines and roles, sharing and taking turns. 


This week we wrote letters to Santa to ask for our Christmas gifts. We used our phonic knowledge to stretch words, segment words into sounds and record the sounds we could hear. Santa is going to be very impressed with our writing! We have also made Christmas cards for our families and Calendars for the New Year. These will be coming home next week. 


On Friday, the Christmas tree decoration competition was judged. Each class had to decorate their own Christmas tree with a particular theme. The themes for our classes were as follows:

Silver class- Snow

Gold class- Homemade

Pink Class- Santa's Little Helpers

We are very proud of our finished Christmas trees.

EYFS Nativity 

Our Nativity productions are now finished and have been uploaded to the school website by Mrs Haywood. Each class produced their own Nativity so look out for your child's class. If you have not seen them already, follow the link below to watch them. We hope you enjoy the finished results!



This week we discussed how we celebrate Christmas in our homes and saw we had very similar traditions, like decorating Christmas trees, writing letters to Santa, sending cards, visiting Santa, giving and receiving presents, eating Christmas dinner and spending time with our family.


This week Santa's workshop opened in EYFS! We got busy helping Santa to design, make, wrap and post presents. We are always watching and changing who is on the naughty and nice list!


In English, we read the story of Stickman by Julia Donaldson. We practised the skill of prediction, pausing at different parts in the story to guess what could happen next. Sometimes our predictions were correct, along the way we changed our predictions as we got more information. We were very happy when Stickman made it home to his family tree with the help of Santa. We loved making our own Stickmen and taking them on adventures outside.


In Maths, we learned about day time and night time and looked at when we do specfic events like having a bath, eating dinner and brushing our teeth. We sequenced events in time, using the words First, Next, After that and Finally.


Following on from our visit from Sue, the dental hygienist, we looked very carefully at our teeth. We made teeth out of playdough, sorted healthy and unhealthy food for our teeth and practised cleaning teeth to get rid of plaque! We conducted a science investigation to look at the impact of sugary drinks on our teeth. We put egg shells (similar to tooth enamel) into water, milk, orange squash and Coke. We predicted that the drinks would change the egg shell to make it the colour of the drink. We were shocked to see what happened to the egg shell after a few days in the squash and Coke. It made us want to brush our teeth more regularly and carefully!


This week we also had Christmas jumper and Christmas dinner day. It was great fun pulling crackers in the hall with our friends. 

The First Christmas- Nativity

Imagine our surprise as we returned to school on Monday to see our outdoor area full of snow! We could not wait to get out and explore. The snow was like a white blanket covering everything. We closely observed all the surfaces that had been touched by the snow and frost. We saw glistening spider webs and frozen water in spots we hadn't even expected, like our sand tray. Some of the equipment that had been left out over the weekend had frozen together. We had great fun trying to pull things apart and melt the ice. We of course built snow men, threw snow balls and made snow angels in the snow! What a great start to the week!


This week the celebration of Christmas has really begun to take over the EYFS unit. A Christmas tree arrived in our Domestic role play area. The children enjoyed putting it up and decorating it. They began to talk about what they do at home to celebrate Christmas. This led us on to why we celebrate Christmas.


We shared the Christian story of the first Christmas- the Nativity. The children practised retelling it and sequencing the story. We looked at the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh given to Baby Jesus and how they were very different to those gifts that we would give to a baby. We introduced the idea of performing the nativity for our families; the children were very keen to do this. We looked at the characters in the story and allocated roles. By the end of the week, we had acted out the story and taken photographs in our costumes. Children have come home with words to practise as narrators for the natvity so please practise these with them at home. We still have the songs to record so watch this space for the finished production!


In Maths, we learned about squares and rectangles and what makes them similar and different. We built squares and rectangles in different ways, made pictures out of these shapes and went on a shape hunt in our school environment. 


This week, we have begun to open our class advent calendars and enjoy a chocolate treat each day. Food is such an important part of celebrations and we have noticed that lots of these food items are full of sugar. At the end of the week, we had a special visit from Sue, a dental hygienist. She came to talk to us all about looking after our teeth and showed us how to brush our teeth properly. Remember, these key points:


-Use a pea sized amount of tooth paste

-Brush in tiny circles

-Brush the outside and inside of all teeth and your gums

-Brush for 2 minutes

-Spit out the toothpaste but don't rinse out your mouth


WOW Moments

In EYFS, we love hearing about what your child has been doing outside of school. It is an important way for school and home to work together to build a broader picture of your child's strengths. There may be things that your child can do at home that we don't see in school. 


To help us with this, we use WOW moment cards. The key purpose of the WOW card is for us to obtain an understanding of your child's achievements beyond the school environment and to be able to celebrate these achievements with your child and their class mates. These moments will be unique to your child but as an idea could include:

-securing a skill e.g. fastening their coat, writing their name, recognising numbers

-earning a certificate

-doing something for the first time

-performing in a show


WOW moments can be completed by parents, carers or any adult who has been given responsibility for your child outside of school hours. For example, grandparents and other close relatives, child-minders, club leads, etc. 


WOW moments are shared in class then displayed in the EYFS unit for everyone to see. Ultimately, they will be placed in your child's learning journey. 


Spare WOW moment cards are kept in the entrance to the EYFS unit. Feel free to ask your child's class teacher for more if you run out.    



This week, love was in the air, as the children learned about the celebration of marriage. We talked about why people decide to get married. The children explored what a wedding ceremony involves and studied artefacts from a wedding. Children shared their experiences of weddings of family members and friends. They particularly enjoyed trying on outfits that people wear at a wedding! 


The children explored being wedding photographers and capturing special moments, using an ipad. We had some very interesting wedding photographs, taken from interesting angles!


Once again, we saw that weddings have similar features to other celebrations, including invitations, cards, gifts, flowers, decorations and food. We had great fun making these different items. Building three-tiered wedding cakes out of playdough was a challenge! 


At the end of the week, each class recreated a wedding ceremony, the children allocated themselves different roles, including the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaids, vicar and photographer. 


In Maths, children worked on identifying one more and one less to five. They soon realised to find one more you count forward to the next number and for one less you count back to the number before. The children explored one more and less through songs and in their play. 


On Monday morning, we received a letter from Mrs Wilkins asking EYFS for their help in organising her a birthday party. We rose to the challenge and spent the rest of the week learning about why we celebrate birthdays and what a party needs to include.


We discovered that birthdays celebrate the day you were born. We found out what month we were born in and identified who was the oldest and youngest in our classes. We looked carefully at baby photographs we brought in from home and discussed what we were able to do when we were babies.


Baby Bea came to join EYFS in our domestic role play area. The children showed so much care in looking after her and meeting her needs. We even practised bathing babies outside in our water area.


We made and delivered party invitations, designed birthday cards and decorations and we even wrapped presents! We made lists of things that a party needs and lists of party food to fetch from the shop, including cake, crisps and pop. A birthday party has to have entertainment so we explored different games like musical chairs, musical statues and pass the parcel. We wrapped a parcel with 28 layers, that took a long time!


On Friday afternoon, Mrs Wilkins arrived in the Infant hall for her party. She blew out her candles on her cake as we sang Happy Birthday. She loved her present from the EYFS children. We all had so much fun dancing, playing games and eating party food. All in all, another fabulous week of learning in EYFS. 

Parent Meeting- Assessment- 18.11.21

If you were unable to attend the Teams meeting on Assessment on Thursday, please find an audio copy of the powerpoint below. Speak to your child's class teacher if you have any questions.

Pink A Reading Books

Here is a video to show you how to support your child read a Pink A book at home. These are books with words that feature the letter/sound correspondences s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d.

Your child will be given a Pink A book if they can recognise the above graphemes and blend words featuring them. 


In EYFS this week, we learned about the HIndu and Sikh festival of lights, Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and acted it out as a class and in our own play. Our favourite part of the story was when Rama defeated the evil ten-headed Ravana, with a golden arrow, and rescued Princess Sita. We made diya lamps, which were used to help guide Rama and Sita home. These are displayed in homes during Diwali.


We talked about the themes of light defeating dark, good defeating evil, and explored sources of light in our den area. We enjoyed dressing up in the special clothes children wear for Diwali and made mehndi patterns on hand outlines. We made Rangoli patterns by sprinkling powder paint on the floor. These are displayed outside people's houses during Diwali. We listened to Diwali music and moved our bodies in time to the music. We explored and captured aspects of Diwali in our movements e.g. fireworks, flowers, diya lamps, lights.


In Maths, we learned about language to describe the position of something and used these words in our play.


We have noticed that celebrations have some similarities, including: special clothes, food, decorations, fireworks, gifts and cards.


On Thursday we celebrated Remembrance day, making poppies in different ways and joined in the two minute silence with the Infant school at 11 o'clock. We were very respectful and stood without talking for the whole time!


You can re-watch the story of Rama and Sita by clicking on the link below:

Bonfire Night

This week we introduced the idea of a celebration and discussed what they involve. This week we concentrated on Bonfire Night. We talked about what happens at Bonfire night and role played this is in our outdoor area. We made fireworks in lots of different ways. We explored how to stay safe on Bonfire night; the fire brigade were on stand by in case the fire got out of control! We had great fun pretending to be fireworks by leaping and swirling in the air, creating firework sounds and moving to music.


In Maths, we looked at the different ways you can make three e.g. 1 and 1 and 1 or 2 and 1 or 1 and 2. We also described circles and triangles and went on a shape hunt around the unit.


In Phonics, we learned the letter/sound correspondence i. We are working hard now to read and build simple three letter words using the sounds we know. 


We had some football coaches visit us this week. The coaches taught us how to keep the football under control and we practised dribbling with the ball. When we wanted to ball to stop, we had to trap it with our foot. 


We also visited our school allotment for the first time and picked a pumpkin that was growing there. It was so heavy we had to wheel it back to class in a wheelbarrow!


We certainly packed a lot into our first three days back! We hope you enjoy your Bonfire night celebrations at home. We would love to see what you get up to so send us an email!

Autumn 1- Stories and Me

Here is our Spotlight on the Curriculum for Autumn 1. This is what your child will be learning in school.

Floppy Phonics Programme

This week we have linked sounds to the letters t and p. The children will be bringing home two worksheets linked to these sounds to practice at home. You will notice that these sheets look virtually the same as the s and a sheets. However, there is a slight difference. From now on, the children will be encouraged to blend the sounds they have learned to read a few simple words. 


The children have also been given a plastic wallet with some letter tiles inside. These can be cut up and used to practise letter/ sound correspondences and building words to read and spell.


Below is a video of how to complete the worksheet with your child and how to use these letter tiles. Each week, as new letter/sound correspondences are learned, further letter tiles will be added to the wallet.



Remember these worksheets can stay at home for future practise. Please send the plastic wallet to school each day in your child's book bag.

Supporting your child with Phonics at home

For more information about how to support your child with Phonics at home, including how to pronounce letter/sound correspondences, go to the website below.

Autumn Fun


Our first half term has flown by in EYFS! We have loved embracing Autumn and using our autumn walk treasures in school to support our learning. Our text Room on the Broom, inspired much Halloween based play. 


Check out photographs from our learning below.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We had great fun reading and acting out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We enjoyed trying porridge after we followed instructions to make it. Imagine our surprise when we arrived at school one morning to find huge bear prints all over our unit. The children were keen to find the bears. We also received a letter from the police reporting a crime of breaking and entering at the Bear's cottage. The children helped by creating a pictorial crime scene report, using their knowledge of the story!


Getting to know our Learning Environment

The children have been very busy exploring their new learning environment, indoors and outdoors. They are getting much more confident in selecting resources independently and then tidying away afterwards. They are enjoying getting to know each other and new friendships are beginning to form.


Reading Books

Here is a video all about your child's first reading book. This is on a Lilac book band.

This video will show you how to support your child read this book at home.

EYFS Daily Routine


Please click below to see our daily routine in Reception. This will change as the year progresses.


We try to keep the routine as consistent as possible to provide the children with a level of security that comes from knowing what to expect from the day ahead.


The daily timetable is also displayed in the classroom for children in picture form, which alerts the children to any changes and provides us with an opportunity to discuss them in advance so that they are well prepared.

Woodville Infant School EYFS

Key information about our EYFS unit and how it is organised.

September 2021 Update

Over the summer holidays we have been very busy preparing for our new children to arrive. Below are some photos.











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