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Late/Absence Procedures


At WSF we place very high importance on attendance.  Good attendance helps good progress. It also develops good habits for life in the working world.


Please ensure your child comes to school every day unless they are ill. If you are having difficulties do not hesitate to ask us for help.



Please note since Government changes again in September 2017, NO term time holidays will be authorised, unless in very exceptional circumstances.


Overall attendance for 2020-21 was 95%, this is average, however we are aiming for 96.5% and really hope to get there this year!


Thank you for your support. 


Absence (illness and medical appointments)

If your child is ill, or has a medical appointment, you need to ring the office on the first day of their absence to let us know. If you do not, we will phone you so that we can be sure that you child is safe, this takes us time, therefore we really appreciate it when parents ring us to let us know their child can’t attend school. You can leave a message if you are unable to get through. When your child returns to school we need you to send them with a signed note letting us know why they were away, even if you have already phoned us.
For guidance on how long your child needs to be off school if they are ill please use the link below for advice


Leave in exceptional circumstances

In exceptional circumstances you may need to take your child out of school. If you believe the reasons for needing time out of school are exceptional there is a form that you can complete, (please see link below).’ Please return the completed form to school at least two weeks before the required dates so that we can let you know whether or not the absence can be authorised.


Unauthorised absence

The school has to inform the local authority if an unauthorised absence occurs. The local authority then issues a penalty notice if this is appropriate. 

The school will also notify parents if attendance drops below 90% and work with families to get attendance back at an appropriate level.


Inclusion Manager

Our Inclusion Manager, Maja Roe, works closely with families to support good school attendance and to offer support and advice when required. If you feel you need to arrange a meeting with our Inclusion Manager please email her.