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Letter Formation

Letter Formation

Letter formation is the ability to form letters correctly. It is an essential skill for children to be taught and practised regularly in order to become more confident. There are different styles of letter formation, including print, pre-cursive and cursive letters. 


In EYFS, we print letters so the letters are separate. All letters are formed starting from the top.


When teaching letter formation, certain letters are grouped together because of their similarities. When practising handwriting, children are taught the letters in these groups rather than in alphabetical order. Ladder Letters is usually the first group taught because the letters only require simple, straight hand movements.

  • Ladder Letters: l, i, t, u, j, y
  • Curly Caterpillar Letters: c, a, o, d, g, q, e, s, f
  • One-Armed Robot Letters: r, b, n, h, m, k, p
  • Zigzag Monster Letters: v, w, x, z


We have attached cards to show the letter families and how each letter is formed. There is also a bank of activity ideas for how you can support letter formation at home.